Tuesday , 21 February 2017
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Top 10 Free Small Business tools

A small business will always need something that will make it grow and most importantly ensure that it expands its market. The world has grown into a digital market where everything is done on the computer and any other device that has Wi-Fi application. So there are tools that you should have as a small business so that your business is accessible as much as possible.

  1. Mobile friendly website: This means that your website has to be tailored to fit any mobile screen and won’t take up too much space. Otherwise, this is a standard expectation and most web developers will make sure that your site is accessible from any device.
  2. Skype: This is just a must have whether you are hardly online or not because this is the only avenue your clients can share what they think or feel about a new venture or something concerning your business. This is also a great tool to hold a video conference with interested parties in your business.
  3. QuickBooks applications: This refers to applications such as Wave Accounting which should help you manage your accounts easily and you won’t have to worry too much about it.
  4. Hiring Services Websites: So you need someone to help you do your marketing but you have no time to go through all prospective employees backgrounds’; websites like Intelius will do this for you and all you need to do is just read the information they have on the employee.
  5. Slide Share: It is good to share what your business sells and if possible create a customer guide on how to go about it. This will not only make it more interesting to have your website shared but also garner potential sales leads.
  6. LinkedIn: So far it is one of the best professional websites where business owners not only get to interact but also network. This is a good place to locate professionals in various fields and even ask a few of them to come on board.
  7. Drop box: It is a great tool for storing documents or items that you think would end up taking too much space in your computer. This could also be a great backup storage especially if you are handling information that you wouldn’t like to lose.
  8. Square: This is a tiny credit card reader that can help you sell anything, anywhere and at anytime. Square attaches itself to your Smartphone making it possible to get sales even when your customer doesn’t have ready cash.
  9. The MailChimp: This is a great tool for your business as it provides you with email newsletter templates and all you need to do is to make sure all your blog readers, or facebook followers get your email newsletters.
  10. Wix: This is a great tool for your business because it helps you to create blogs and website with easy-to-use applications. Actually if you are not so much into techno savvy this could be a great start for you.

A number of clients would be happy to find you with some of these applications or on these websites and you will be happy to have them too.


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