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Successful Small Business Management Ideas

Most of the times, a small business’s survival is dependent on its management especially during its first five years. This means that during these first few years you need a lot of assessing and re-assessing of where your business is heading to and most importantly, where you would like it ... Read More »

Essential Small Business Solutions

As a small business there are many challenges you are likely to face but with a positive mind-set there is a solution to most of these challenges. There are many interventions that have been created to enable entrepreneurs engage positively with their clients and mitigate potential challenges that may otherwise, ... Read More »

Small Business Trends 2014 Everyone Needs to Know

The trends today are not constant anymore, there was a time when the trend was to have a website with products that your business sells but nowadays the trends dictate that you need so much more. On the other hand, it also about being aware that you have to think ... Read More »

Why You Should Hire a Small Business Coach

Small business coaching is all about making sure that you get the right motivation to your employees. Sometimes a small business may have less than five employees and sometimes it’s a one man show but regardless of the size it is important to have someone assist you and your employees ... Read More »

Common Problems Facing Small Businesses

There are some surprising facts and statistics about small businesses that have made them a trend. So far there are more people who are being employed by small businesses than big corporations meaning it is likely that they are generating enough income to support one or more employees. In fact ... Read More »

Facts Every Small Business Owner Should Know

There are things every business should have in mind and facts that determine the business’s growth trend. So yes there are facts that every small business owner should know and should keep in mind. This means that you need to know what will make your business tick and what should ... Read More »

Small Business Coaching Tips

Small Business Coaching Tips

Small business coaching requires so much dedication and commitment. This is because you need to be patient enough to see that your clients are able to achieve their business objectives and goals by implementing the tips and techniques that you have trained them. As a small business coach, you will ... Read More »