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Best Small Business Management Careers

There are many careers under the umbrella of small business management with most of them leading to very rewarding occupations. Most of these careers would require someone who is very imaginative or creative because you will need to make sure most of your ideas are original and even if there are similar ideas in the market then you need to make sure that yours has something extra. Some of these small management careers start very small but end up being the most demanded careers in the market and sometimes, one may even complain over exhaustion. Otherwise, there are careers that fetch good income and have proved to be a worthwhile venture.

Business Operations Manager

This is one of the best jobs you can land yourself in the US and you will love every bit of it. Actually every skill you learned in your small business management course will help you a great deal. For instance, this post will require someone who understands strategic management, time management, fast but a smart decision maker who has great communication skills. According statistics they earn anything between $160,150 and $170,810 of which is a great salary range in comparison to an operations research analyst. So if this is your passion, you are on the right road to financial freedom.

Event Planner

If you have a knack for planning events or occasions to their last detail and very patient when it comes to solving problems well this is a career for you. Actually the good news is that it is among the fastest growing careers in the industry and has a promising future considering its growth is likely to increase by 28% or more by 2030. The average earnings range between $26,560 and $79,270 which is a good earning average depending on the state you are in. On the other hand, if you are planning on focusing on this career there is a good chance you might rise above these income statistics.

Bill Collector

Being a bill collector should not necessarily mean it is all about harassing clients to pay up their dues but rather being a mediator between creditors and the bill collecting company and finding ways to make it easy to pay the bills. Actually, anyone interested in this career is also someone who is willing to give advice to the debtors on the best way to handle debts. 2012 statistics indicated an average bill collector earned anything between $48,330 and $21,850 depending on the state where one lived.

Insurance Agent

It was noted that as an independent Insurance sales agent there was a better chance of earning a lot more than if you worked under an insurance company. Actually, the highest income was $116, 940 while the lowest was $26,120. This also depends on the state one is in and the agencies interested in the sales agent services.

These are just but a few of the top careers under the best paid jobs. Otherwise, there are many other careers that are listed as among the best paid jobs such as a management analyst job where the highest paid earns at least $142, 580 per year.

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